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January 15, 2006

A Close Encounter with... Chris Sharrock

What's wrong?
Sex with your parents!

What's your favorite crisps?

You make a shirt with a slogan, what does it say?
Learn to Live With It!

Tell us a joke?
4 tickets for 5 nights at Wembley (Just a joke - honest)

What did you do well today?
Ordered room service

What did you do badly?
Sorry, didn't understand the question

They make a film about your life, what do they call it?
How To Get By As A Drummer Without Really Trying

Out of 10 how do you feel? 0 being suicidal, 10 being orgasmic?
5 - suigasmic

Would you being willing to kill an innocent person if it would mean an end to hunger and poverty in the world?
I'd have to say yes please. As long as I get to choose 'innocent' victim

If you knew the world was going to end in 5 months, what would you do?
Kiss and make up

What words did you find trouble pronouncing when you were younger?
Parcark and webcobs

What is your favorite song? (make a list if you like)
All You Need Is Love/Anarchy in the UK

Favourite Album/s?
Sgt Peppers, Nevermind, The Artic Monkeys and Here's The Who

What happened to your dreams?
The dog ate them

Excluding Back for Good what was your favorite Take That song?
Do What You Like

What's the king/queen of nuts?

What crisps does James Bond eat?
Prawn Connery, Timothy Dalton Vinegar... I can't think of any more. Try it, it's hard.

Who was your hero growing up?
John Lennon/Steve Highway/Alec Lindsey

What's my best song? (can't choose Angels)
Let Me Entertain You

What's my worst? Don't worry I won't get offended (Can't choose Angels)
Open Road

Name your favorite Mr. Man?
It's Mr John Lennon Man!

What super power would you like?
America please.

What's your favorite TV program from the 70'sᆀ'sᆊ's?
Last of the Summer Wine, Top of the Pops and Match of the Day

Who was your first crush? Do you know her today?
Margaret Rutherford

What's a good question for these questionnaires?
The band are being culled. You have to kill a member to survive, who you choose (can't choose Chris S, sorry)

When did you last sing to yourself? What did you sing?
In the shower 'I Who Have Nothing'

Would you be willing to give up sex for a year if you knew it would give you a deeper sense of happiness than you have now?
I have and it hasn't

What are your most compulsive habits, do you struggle to break these habits?
Smoking and drumming. Yes and no.

Write the first word that comes into your head at the end of this sentence? (can't be any of the words in this question)